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Mon 30 May 2016
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Inspiration on Cue: Who's Your Favourite YIBC Speaker?

Inspiration on Cue: Who's Your Favourite YIBC Speaker?

1089 days ago - East
Inspiration on cue: Who's your favourite YIBC speaker? ASK anyone who has attended the Yorkshire International Business Convention (YIBC) who their favourite speaker was and you will get a variety of different answers. From the loud, proud Brian Blessed to the driven and determined Michelle Mone, people respond to different speakers for a range of different reasons. Often, people head to the event looking forward to one speaker but end up being blown away by someone else, much to their surprise. But how does the day benefit delegates when they return... -> Read more at Hull Daily Mail

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Exam Students are Inspired by Motivational Speaker

Exam Students are Inspired by Motivational Speaker3 days ago - East
Exam students are inspired by motivational speaker. STUDENTS have been inspired by a motivational speaker to look to their future in the run up to impending exams. -> Read more at The Northern Echo

Bay Inspiration for Scary New Children's Novel

24 days ago - East
Bay inspiration for scary new children's novel. A scary new novel for children aged eight or nine upwards has been inspired by the coastal beauty of Robin Hood’s... -> Read more at Whitby Gazette

Forge Sparks Photographic Inspiration

Forge Sparks Photographic Inspiration49 days ago - East
Forge sparks photographic inspiration. BLACKSMITH Annabelle Bradley at work in her forge sparked photography student Shaun Richardson to create a series of images which... -> Read more at Craven Herald

York Students Raid Viking History for Garden Inspiration

York Students Raid Viking History for Garden Inspiration49 days ago - East
York students raid Viking history for garden inspiration. COLLEGE students from York have taken inspiration from the Vikings for their latest green-fingered endeavour. -> Read more at York Press

World Snooker: Danny Willett Gives Mark Allen Inspiration in Sheffield

44 days ago - Sport
World Snooker: Danny Willett gives Mark Allen inspiration in Sheffield. Mark Allen has vowed to put himself into Crucible contention by taking inspiration from golf's... -> Read more at Sheffield Telegraph