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Tue 09 Feb 2016
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Barnsley Woman Cooked Kitten in Microwave

717 days ago - South
Barnsley woman cooked kitten in microwave. A Barnsley woman cooked her pet kitten in a microwave for five minutes because she thought it had attacked her goldfish... -> Read more at The Star

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Firefighters and Paramedics Help Doncaster OAP After Microwave Fire

13 days ago - South
Firefighters and paramedics help Doncaster OAP after microwave fire. A Doncaster pensioner was treated for smoke inhalation after food left in a microwave smoke-logged... -> Read more at Doncaster Free Press

Firefighters Attend Christmas Day Microwave Blaze

Firefighters Attend Christmas Day Microwave Blaze46 days ago - West
Firefighters attend Christmas Day microwave blaze. FIREFIGHTERS were called to a house in Wyke, Bradford, at 2.30am today after a microwave oven caught light. -> Read more at Telegraph & Argus