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Wed 02 Sep 2015
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Firefighters Tackle Huge Tyre Fire in Grimethorpe

726 days ago - South
Firefighters tackle huge tyre fire in Grimethorpe. Firefighters were called out to tackle a large fire at a tyre recycling premise on Springvale Road, Grimethorpe in the early hours of this morning. Four fire engines, along with an Aeriel Ladder Platform and a Command Support Unit, were called to the incident at 5am this morning. A large amount of tyres were well alight when crews arrived. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used main jets to tackle the blaze and worked hard to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby premises. Fire crews advised members of the public to keep their doors and windows closed due to the large amount of smoke in the area. An investigation into the cause of the fire is being launched. -> Read more at Barnsley News & Sport

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Slideshow: Firefighters Tackle Huge Fire in Halifax for 17 Hours

97 days ago - West
Slideshow: Firefighters tackle huge fire in Halifax for 17 hours. Fire crews are preparing to leave the scene of a huge fire in Halifax after finally managing to put it... -> Read more at Halifax Courier

Firefighters Tackle Tyre Yard Car Blaze

4 days ago - West
Firefighters tackle tyre yard car blaze. Firefighters tackled a car blaze in Tingley last night (Friday)... -> Read more at Morley Observer

Man Arrested over Huge Tyre Fire

Man Arrested over Huge Tyre Fire589 days ago - West
Man arrested over huge tyre fire. An investigation will begin into how a tyre fire near Leeds started, the fire service says. -> Read more at BBC News

Firefighters from South Elmsall Helping to Tackle Sherburn-in-Elmet Tyre Blaze

594 days ago - West
Firefighters from South Elmsall helping to tackle Sherburn-in-Elmet tyre blaze. Firefighters from South Elmsall are helping to tackle a huge blaze at a recycling plant... -> Read more at Wakefield Express

BREAKING NEWS: Massive Tyre Blaze at Grimethorpe

726 days ago - South
BREAKING NEWS: Massive tyre blaze at Grimethorpe. Fire crews are fighting a blaze at a tyre recycling firm in Grimethorpe... -> Read more at Doncaster Free Press

VIDEO: Crews Tackle 1,000-tonne Tyre Fire

VIDEO: Crews Tackle 1,000-tonne Tyre Fire594 days ago - North
VIDEO: Crews tackle 1,000-tonne tyre fire. Firefighters tackle 1,000 tonnes of burning tyres -> Watch at BBC News