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Thu 26 May 2016
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Leeds: Council Tax and Rents Both Go Up as 2014/15 Budget is Unveiled

839 days ago - West
Leeds: Council tax and rents both go up as 2014/15 budget is unveiled. “RESILIENT” seemed to be the budget buzzword as Leeds city council’s spending plan for the coming year was published last night (THursday, February 6)... -> Read more at Yorkshire Evening Post

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Library Budget Cut of £1.2m Unveiled

Library Budget Cut of £1.2m Unveiled16 days ago - East
Library budget cut of £1.2m unveiled. A proposal to cut £1.2m funding from the library service in East Yorkshire is unveiled. -> Read more at BBC News

Video: Global Triathlon Chief Hints at 'long-term Partnership' with Leeds as 3D Street Art Unveiled

14 days ago - West
Video: Global triathlon chief hints at 'long-term partnership' with Leeds as 3D street art unveiled. Leeds shoppers are being encouraged to ‘dive in’ to a... -> Read more at Yorkshire Evening Post