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Mon 21 Aug 2017
News Yorkshire

Leeds Thug Who Threatened to Shoot Teen He Falsely Imprisoned is Jailed

123 days ago - West
Leeds thug who threatened to shoot teen he falsely imprisoned is jailed. A THUG who subjected a disabled teenager to a terror car ride when he robbed and threatened to shoot him has been jailed for six-and-a-half-years. -> Read more at Yorkshire Evening Post

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Thug Who Used Dog Lead and Sword to Beat Girlfriend in Leeds is Jailed for Nine Years

120 days ago - West
Thug who used dog lead and sword to beat girlfriend in Leeds is jailed for nine years. A MAN who used a dog lead and Samurai sword to brutally beat his girlfriend in... -> Read more at Yorkshire Evening Post

Drunken Thug Who Threatened Paramedics is Spared from Jail

108 days ago - South
Drunken thug who threatened paramedics is spared from jail. A drunken and foul-mouthed thug has been spared from being sent to prison after he abused and threatened... -> Read more at The Star

Terrifying Thug Jailed After Wielding Samurai Sword at Pub

105 days ago - South
Terrifying thug jailed after wielding samurai sword at pub. A frightening thug turned up at a private party wielding a samurai sword after he had been thrown out. -> Read more at The Star

Man Who Threatened Paramedics with Knife is Jailed

110 days ago - East
Man who threatened paramedics with knife is jailed. A Scarborough man who called the ambulance service before threatening a paramedic and ambulance... -> Read more at Bridlington Free Press

Leeds Thug Back in Jail over Attack on Former Partner's Son

118 days ago - West
Leeds thug back in jail over attack on former partner's son. A thug who fractured the jaw of his ex-girlfriend’s son soon after being released from prison has been... -> Read more at Yorkshire Evening Post

UKIP Man Falsely Accused of Punching MEP in European Parliament

UKIP Man Falsely Accused of Punching MEP in European Parliament124 days ago - East
UKIP man falsely accused of punching MEP in European Parliament . Seven months ago, Mike Hookem was thrust into the limelight when he was falsely accused of punching a... -> Read more at Grimsby Telegraph