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Mon 21 Aug 2017
News Yorkshire

What Britain Can Learn from Scandinavia when It Comes to Childcare

273 days ago - South
What Britain can learn from Scandinavia when it comes to childcare. The Danes do it, the Swedes do it, and even the Norwegians do it, but when it comes to accessible and affordable childcare, Britain lags far behind its northerly neighbours. -> Read more at Doncaster Free Press

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New Scheme to Help More Parents with the Costs of Childcare

122 days ago - South
New scheme to help more parents with the costs of childcare. On Friday April 28, the Government is launching a brand new scheme called ‘ -> Read more at South Yorkshire Times

Day Nurseries Part of £500,000 Childcare Expansion

Day Nurseries Part of £500,000 Childcare Expansion122 days ago - North
Day nurseries part of £500,000 childcare expansion. TWO day nurseries are to share in a £500,000 windfall to provide extra childcare places. -> Read more at Craven Herald